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22 Best Valentine Gifts For Classmates – Classmate Valentine’s for Classroom Exchange

best valentine gifts for classmates

Finding the best valentine gifts for classmates is a delightful way to teach kids about the joy of giving and the value of friendship on this special day.

It's a time when parents, teachers, and guardians can guide children in celebrating affection, kindness, and camaraderie through thoughtful gestures.

To make your search for the perfect token of friendship easier, we've put together a list of 22 charming Valentine's Day gifts, ranging from enchanting gift cards and playful toys to creatively themed boxes, specially tailored for kids.

This selection is designed to make the day of love memorable for children, ensuring they experience the joy of sharing and receiving in the purest form.

Let's explore these wonderful options that are guaranteed to spread smiles and warmth among classmates(Grades Kindergarten - 5th) this Valentine's Day

22 Best Valentine Gifts For Classmates - Our Top Picks

best valentine gifts for classmates

30Pack Valentine Kawaii Mochi Squishy Toys

Perfect for Valentine's exchanges, includes 30 unique, stress-relieving squishies with matching cards, ideal for kids and classroom rewards.

This Valentine's Day gift set includes 30 pack of kawaii mochi squishy toys and 30 valentine cards, perfect for kids' classroom exchanges and parties. Featuring a variety of cute designs like animals, flowers, and candies, these non-toxic, soft squishies are great for stress relief, sensory play, and party favors. Ideal for various occasions, they also serve as unique gifts, classroom prizes, or decorations. Easy to clean and portable, they offer fun and relaxation for children and adults alike.
Paper Magic
Paw Patrol 32 Valentines With 32 Tattoos

Celebrate Valentine's Day with 32 Paw Patrol themed Valentine cards and temporary tattoos, featuring 8 unique designs of beloved characters.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with your little ones with this officially licensed Paw Patrol Valentine's Day card set. It comes with 32 cards and temporary tattoos, showcasing 8 unique designs of beloved Paw Patrol characters. Perfect for preschool or elementary school classroom exchanges, each card measures 4.5" x 2.5", making it easy for kids and toddlers to share with friends.
Hallmark Avengers Valentines Day Cards and Stickers

Avengers Valentines Day 24 Cards and Stickers

This Hallmark Avengers Valentine's Day card pack includes 24 cards with envelopes and stickers featuring popular Marvel heroes, perfect for kids to exchange in class or with loved ones.
Celebrate Valentine's Day with a superhero twist using Hallmark's Avengers card pack. It includes 24 cards (12 of each design) and stickers of Iron Man, Hulk, Black Panther, and others, ideal for kids to personalize and send to friends and family. Each card measures 3.75" x 5.2" and comes with a coordinating envelope, ensuring a special and fun way for your child to spread love this Valentine's Day.

Paw Patrol Valentines Day 24 Cards and Stickers

Celebrate Valentine's Day with Hallmark's Paw Patrol-themed cards and stickers pack. It includes 24 cards in two designs, 24 sticker sheets for customization, and envelopes.

This Hallmark Valentine's Day card pack features 24 cards with adorable Paw Patrol themes, including two designs with favorite characters like Rubble, Chase, Skye, Marshall, Skye, and Everest. Each card is complemented with a sticker sheet for personalization, making them perfect for kids to exchange in school. The set includes matching envelopes, ensuring each card is ready to spread joy and friendship. The cards are printed on high-quality paper from well-managed forests, measuring 3.75" x 5.2".

Minecraft Valentines Day 24 Cards and Stickers

Hallmark's Minecraft Valentine's Day card pack includes 24 cards with stickers, featuring characters like Steve, Alex, and Creepers, perfect for kids to exchange in school.
Celebrate Valentine's Day Minecraft-style with Hallmark's card pack, containing 24 themed cards and stickers. With designs featuring Steve, Alex, and Creepers, this set ensures your child can share the love with classmates and friends. The pack includes envelopes for easy mailing, all printed on high-quality paper from sustainable forests.
32Pcs Valentines Day Gifts for Kids Cards and Bulk Toys

This set is a kid-friendly collection featuring an exciting mix of toys, customizable cards, and mini goodie bags, including adorable heart pop fidget keychains, perfect for classroom exchanges and party favors.

Celebrate Valentine's Day with the JIIVAY 32Pcs Gift Set, designed for kids to enjoy a festive classroom exchange. This set includes a variety of toys, personalized 'Happy Valentine's Day' cards, and charming mini goodie bags, along with cute heart pop fidget keychains. It's an ideal choice for parents and teachers looking to provide endless fun and memorable moments for children during the holiday.
VANOW 28 Packs Super Value Valentines Stationery Kit
28 Packs Super Value Valentines Stationery Kit

This 28-pack Valentines Stationery Kit for kids includes 590 pieces with Valentine's cards, pencils, heart stickers, erasers, pen sharpeners, and holders, plus a bonus pink stapler and staples, all made from safe, BPA-free materials.

28-pack stationery kit, offering 590 pieces for a complete gift set. Each pack contains a variety of Valentine-themed items including heart stickers, pencils, cards, erasers, pen sharpeners, and pen holders, designed with safety and fun in mind. The set also includes a pink stapler and staples for easy gift assembly, making it the perfect choice for kids to exchange tokens of friendship and love.

Colplay 24 Pieces of Cute Insect-Shaped Building Blocks
24 Pieces of Cute Insect-Shaped Building Blocks

Features 24 insect-shaped building blocks, Valentines cards, stickers, and treat bags. Designed for children aged 3+, it offers a fun, educational experience with non-toxic materials, easy assembly, and everything needed for classroom exchanges.

A unique and engaging gift set for kids. This package includes 24 sets of insect-shaped building blocks, adorable Valentines day cards, a sheet of tattoo stickers, and clear OPP bags with twist ties. Perfect for kids aged 3 and up, it's ideal for school exchanges and classroom activities. Made from safe, non-toxic materials, these building toys offer a hands-on learning experience and a chance to enhance engineering skills, making them a perfect choice for parents seeking a combination of fun and education.

30 Pcs Valentine's Day Bouncy Ball with Filled Hearts
The JOYIN Valentine's Day Bouncy Ball set includes 30 assorted bouncy balls in heart cases with Valentine cards, perfect for classroom exchanges and gifts.
This JOYIN Valentine's Day set features 30 high-quality bouncy balls, each nestled in a translucent red heart case, accompanied by Valentine cards in 4 designs. Ideal for kids' classroom exchanges or as a fun gift, these bouncy balls promote social skills and provide a unique way to share joy with friends and classmates. Suitable for children over 36 months, it promises customer satisfaction and endless fun.
30 Valentines Day Galaxy Slime Hearts
A creative and fun classroom exchange pack, featuring 30 non-toxic, galaxy-themed slime hearts and matching valentine’s cards, perfect for kids’ gifts, classroom prizes, and stress relief.

Offering 30 unique, galaxy-themed slime hearts paired with humorous valentine’s cards for a memorable classroom exchange. Safe, non-toxic, and designed for creative play, this set promotes stress relief, hand reflexes, and social skills, making it an ideal gift for school prizes, gift exchanges, and more. JOYIN is committed to customer satisfaction and adheres to US toy safety standards.

best valentine gifts for classmates

28 Pop Tubes With Valentines Day Gift Cards Set

Delight kids with a set of 28 colorful, stretchy Pop Tubes paired with Valentine cards and twist ties for creative exchanges. Perfect for fostering creativity, stress relief, and fun!
A set of 28 vibrant Pop Tubes, complete with matching Valentine's Day cards and twist ties. These sensory fidget toys not only encourage imaginative play and stress relief but also serve as a sweet way for kids to exchange Valentine wishes. Durable, safe, and designed for endless fun, they make the perfect party favors or classroom gifts.
best valentine gifts for classmates
24 Pack Mini Animal Plush Toy Assortment
A set of mini animal plush toys, each uniquely designed and super soft. Ideal for party favors, classroom rewards, and more, this collection ensures fun and quality in every piece, backed by a dedication to customer satisfaction.
24-pack mini animal plush toy assortment features a vibrant collection of 24 unique, cute animal mini plushies, each measuring between 2.5 to 3 inches. Perfect as versatile party favors, these plushies are soft, high-quality, and ideal for a variety of uses including birthday giveaways, classroom rewards, and carnival prizes. They promise a fun, tactile experience and come with a commitment to customer satisfaction.
best valentine gifts for classmates
32 PCS Mini Fidget Spinners Soccer Ball Toys
32-pack mini fidget soccer balls, durable, 1.3" size, easy to play. Ideal for party favors, classroom prizes, and gifts.
This set includes 32 colorful mini fidget soccer balls, each measuring 1.3 inches for portable fun. Made of sturdy plastic, they're designed for durability and ease of use, perfect as party favors, classroom rewards, or small gifts.
best valentine gifts for classmates
28 PCS Fruit Block Set Valentines Day Gifts
28-piece Valentine's Day card set for kids, featuring cute fruit block designs like watermelon, pineapple, and avocado. Each pack includes non-toxic, kid-friendly building blocks, 28 Valentine's exchange cards, and bonus tattoo stickers for a creative and fun classroom gift exchange.
Includes 28 fruit-themed building block sets in designs such as watermelon, pineapple, peach, and more. Made from non-toxic, durable material, it encourages creativity and fun. The pack comes complete with 28 greeting cards for personal messages and extra tattoo stickers, making it the perfect gift for school exchanges. Ideal for kids aged 3 and up, it promises a memorable and interactive Valentine's Day experience.
best valentine gifts for classmates
32 Packs Valentines Day Shade Glasses with Gift Cards
Shutter Shade Glasses with Cards is a fun and colorful set of heart-shaped glasses and matching valentine cards for kids. Featuring 4 designs and colors, it's perfect for classroom exchanges and party favors, ensuring safety with non-toxic, BPA-free materials.
This JOYIN Valentine's Day set includes 32 heart-shaped shutter glasses in 4 vibrant colors and matching greeting cards with humorous messages, ideal for classroom exchanges and Valentine's parties. Designed with kids in mind, these glasses are safe, non-toxic, and comply with US toy standards, making them an excellent gift for spreading love and joy.
best valentine gifts for classmates
28 Packs Valentines Day Squishy Toy Gift Cards
Squishy Toy Gift Cards for Kids feature 28 kawaii animal squishies with unique card designs, offering a fun and safe gift choice for classroom exchanges and Valentine's Day parties. Non-toxic and ASTM F963 compliant.
The JOYIN 28 Packs Valentine's Day Squishy Toy Gift Cards set includes 28 adorable squishy animal toys paired with uniquely designed valentine cards, perfect for kids' classroom exchanges and Valentine's Day festivities. These kawaii mochi squishies come with easy-to-assemble cards, featuring pun-filled messages that make for an entertaining and thoughtful gift. Safe for children, these toys meet US toy safety standards, ensuring a fun and worry-free gift option for boys and girls.
best valentine gifts for classmates
Valentines Day Cards Minecraft Box 32 Cards 35 Stickers
Minecraft-themed kit! Perfect for classroom exchanges, this set includes 32 valentine cards, 35 stickers, one teacher card, and a decorative mailbox for collection. Features favorite Minecraft characters and made from high-quality paper.
This Hallmark Valentine's Day kit brings Minecraft adventure to your classroom exchange! It includes everything needed for the whole class: 32 tear-apart valentine cards, 35 themed stickers, a special card for the teacher, and a matching mailbox for collecting valentines. Decorate the box or cards with stickers and enjoy the high-quality paper stock. The assembled mailbox is 7.25" in all dimensions, ensuring a festive and organized exchange.
best valentine gifts for classmates
Boys’ 32 Valentines Day Cards and Mailbox
Includes 32 game and sports-themed cards, 35 stickers, and a special card for the teacher. Comes with a decorative mailbox for easy classroom exchanges.
This exchange kit is perfect for classroom celebrations, featuring 32 tear-apart cards with fun pizza, baseball, football, and video game designs, plus a card for the teacher. The kit also includes 35 stickers for decoration and a foldable mailbox for collecting valentines, made from high-quality paper from well-managed forests.
best valentine gifts for classmates
Valentines Day Cards Super Mario Bros Box 32 Cards 35 Stickers
This kit includes everything needed for classroom exchanges: 32 cards, 35 stickers, and a mailbox for collecting valentines, featuring beloved characters like Mario and Yoshi.
Celebrate Valentine's Day with a touch of gaming fun using this Hallmark Super Mario Bros kit. Perfect for classroom exchanges, it includes 32 tear-apart cards, 35 stickers, a teacher card, and a themed mailbox for collecting cards. The box, adorned with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi, easily assembles for a festive and organized exchange. Crafted from high-quality paper from well-managed forests, this set promises a memorable and eco-friendly celebration.
best valentine gifts for classmates
36 Pack Gold Foil Valentines Day Cards

This set features 36 eco-friendly cards in 9 punny designs, complete with envelopes and stickers, perfect for school exchanges. A delightful way for kids to share love and friendship in the classroom, all in a convenient, gender-neutral package.

This Valentine's Day, delight kids with the Prophet 36 Pack Gold Foil Valentine Cards, perfect for school activities and classroom exchanges. This set includes 36 gender-neutral cards with 9 punny designs, envelopes, and cartoon stickers, all housed in a compact gift box. Crafted from child-safe, eco-friendly paper, these 4.7 x 3.2 inch cards are a sweet way to spread love and joy among kindergarten and primary students, without the need for candy. Celebrate friendship and affection with these adorable and funny valentine cards!
best valentine gifts for classmates
Valentines Day Cards Football Mailbox 32 Cards

A football-themed mailbox, 32 Valentine's cards, and 1 teacher card for kids to exchange and collect greetings in school. Ideal for football enthusiasts, it features easy assembly and fun designs for a memorable Valentine's Day.

The BAODLON Valentine's Boxes for Kids is a creative and sporty solution for Valentine's Day card exchanges at school. It comes with a football-inspired mailbox, 32 cards in soccer, baseball, basketball, and football designs, plus a special card for teachers. Made from sturdy card stock with a laminated finish for durability and easy writing, this kit encourages fun and interactive exchanges among classmates, making Valentine's Day even more exciting for young sports fans.
30 Valentine's Day Cards Fidget Zipper Bracelets
This UpBrands set includes 30 bi-color zipper bracelets and Valentine's Day cards for kids, perfect for school exchanges and classroom gifts. It offers a fun, interactive way to celebrate with vibrant colors, fostering creativity and friendship among classmates.
Celebrate Valentine's Day in school with UpBrands' 30-pack of vibrant bi-color zipper bracelets and matching Valentine cards. This engaging set encourages creativity and personalization, making it ideal for classroom exchanges, gifts, and party favors. With 10 different colors, it caters to diverse tastes and serves as both a fun and educational tool, perfect for kids and students looking to share memorable moments and friendship bracelets.


As we conclude our exploration of 22 heartwarming Valentine's Day gifts for kids, our hope is that you're inspired to choose something magical that lights up the faces of the young ones in your life.

Each item on our list has been thoughtfully selected to not only bring joy to children but also to encourage them to cherish and participate in the act of giving.

Choosing the best valentine gifts for classmates is about more than just the gifts themselves; it's about fostering a sense of community, warmth, and affection among young friends.

As you prepare to make this Valentine's Day a memorable occasion for the children around you, remember that the greatest gift they can receive is the lesson of love, kindness, and friendship.

Wishing all the little ones a very Happy Valentine's Day filled with fun, love, and lots of sweet moments!

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