Finding the best electric boiler for radiant heat is essential for homeowners seeking an efficient, comfortable, and eco-friendly heating solution.

Our guide, “5 Best Electric Boilers for Radiant Heat,” delves into the premier models available in the market, shedding light on their features, energy efficiency, and suitability for various residential settings.

Radiant heating systems offer the advantage of distributing heat evenly and silently across floors, walls, or ceilings, significantly enhancing room comfort.

This article aims to streamline your selection process by detailing the critical aspects, benefits, and pricing of the top electric boilers, ensuring you make a well-informed decision for your heating needs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Electric Boiler for Radiant Heat

Selecting the right electric boiler for your radiant heating system is crucial for optimizing efficiency, comfort, and cost-effectiveness. Here are key factors to consider:

  1. Size and Capacity: The size of the boiler should match the heating requirements of your space. An undersized boiler won't provide sufficient heat, while an oversized one will incur unnecessary energy costs.

  2. Energy Efficiency: Look for boilers with high energy efficiency ratings. Efficient models convert nearly all the electricity into heat, reducing waste and saving on utility bills.

  3. Installation and Maintenance: Consider the ease of installation and the maintenance requirements of the boiler. Some models are designed for easy integration with existing heating systems, while others might require professional installation and regular maintenance.

  4. Cost: While the initial cost is an important consideration, also think about the long-term operating costs. An energy-efficient model may have a higher upfront price but can offer significant savings over time.

  5. Warranty and Support: A good warranty and reliable customer support can offer peace of mind and protection for your investment.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can narrow down your choices and select the electric boiler that best fits your radiant heat system's needs.

5 Best Electric Boilers For Radiant Heat

best electric boiler for radiant heat - Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater Tempra 20 plus
Stiebel Eltron Tankless Instant Water Heater Tempra 20 Plus

Price: $660.39

The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 20 Plus is a compact, eco-friendly electric tankless water heater featuring Advanced Flow Control for continuous hot water, space and energy savings, easy operation with a digital display, and includes 7-Year Leakage and 3-Year Parts Warranties.
The Stiebel Eltron Tempra 20 Plus electric tankless water heater offers an innovative solution for your hot water needs. It employs Advanced Flow Control technology to ensure a constant supply of hot water, adjusting the flow rate as needed to maintain temperature. Designed for efficiency and space-saving, this sleek, white unit is eco-friendly, reducing energy consumption with its auto-modulation feature and displaying savings on energy costs. The Tempra 20 Plus operates quietly, has an easy-to-use electronic switch, a digital temperature display, and requires no venting. This model delivers water temperatures ranging from 68° to 140°F, requires a 125 A electric service, and comes with comprehensive warranties for peace of mind.
best electric boiler for radiant heat - ECOTOUCH Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater ECO90B2

ECOTOUCH Tankless Electric Instant Water Heater ECO90B2

Price: $179.99

The ECOTOUCH ECO90 Black is a 9kW, 240V electric tankless water heater offering instant and endless hot water with self-modulating technology for energy efficiency. Compact and safe, it's perfect for various point-of-use applications.
The ECOTOUCH ECO90 Black is a cutting-edge electric tankless water heater designed to provide instant, endless hot water without the wait. With its 9kW power output at 240V, it ensures a continuous supply of hot water at your desired temperature, thanks to its self-modulating technology. This technology adjusts power based on water flow rate and temperature setting, promoting significant energy savings with an efficiency of 98%. The heater features a user-friendly digital display and touch control panel for easy temperature adjustments. Engineered for safety with multiple protection features, it's compact enough for installation in tight spaces, making it ideal for kitchens, bars, schools, and more.
best electric boiler for radiant heat - iHeat Tankless Stainless Steel Enclosure Electric Water Heater AHS18-D

iHeat Tankless Stainless Steel Enclosure Electric Water Heater AHS18-D

Price: $479.99

The AHS18-D is a 240V, 75A, 18KW stainless steel electric water heater with a 3/4" MIP inlet/outlet, designed for high flow, energy-efficient water heating in multi-bathroom homes in southern states, with 99% efficiency.
The AHS18-D electric water heater offers a robust solution for homes in warmer climates, supporting multiple bathrooms with its 240V, 18KW power and 3/4" MIP high flow design. Its stainless steel enclosure measures 16" x 13.5" x 3.5", and the unit weighs 13.7 lb. Ideal for varied applications such as floor heating and recirculation configurations, it features advanced sensors that adjust settings in real-time for optimal performance. With 99% energy efficiency, it promises significant savings on water heating bills.
best electric boiler for radiant heat - Rheem Tankless Electric Water Heater

Rheem Tankless Electric Water Heater

Price: $387.27

The Rheem 18kW 240V Tankless Electric Water Heater features external digital control with LED display, self-modulation for energy efficiency, and durable copper heating elements. It supports up to 4.4 GPM flow rate with easy bottom 3/4 inch NPT water connections.
Experience consistent hot water on demand with the Rheem 18kW 240V Tankless Electric Water Heater. This energy-efficient model comes with an external digital thermostatic control boasting a LED display for precise temperature adjustments within +/-1 degree accuracy. Designed for durability, it incorporates two copper immersion heating elements that are field serviceable. Its self-modulating system adjusts power consumption based on hot water needs, ensuring optimal performance. Installation is straightforward, thanks to bottom 3/4 inch NPT water connections, and the unit is made from robust stainless steel, weighing only 14.78 pounds. Ideal for households needing up to 4.4 GPM, it simplifies achieving the perfect water temperature.
best electric boiler for radiant heat - GE APPLIANCES Stainless Steel Water Heater

GE APPLIANCES Stainless Steel Water Heater

Price: $299.00

Compact and versatile 10-gallon electric water heater by GE Appliances, featuring an adjustable thermostat and easy installation for immediate hot water in spaces like kitchens and bathrooms.
This GE Appliances 10-gallon electric water heater is designed for convenience and flexibility, offering an adjustable thermostat for customizable temperature settings and a straightforward installation process. Its compact design makes it perfect for use in limited spaces such as small kitchens, bathrooms, laundry areas, and in recreational vehicles or garages. It can serve as a standalone hot water source or act as a booster in conjunction with another water system, ensuring efficient hot water delivery even in setups with long piping.


Choosing the right electric boiler for radiant heat is a critical decision that can significantly affect your home's comfort and energy efficiency.

The heaters highlighted in this post have been carefully selected based on their performance, reliability, and value for money.

Whether you're installing a new radiant heat system or upgrading an existing one, these boilers offer a range of options to suit different needs and budgets.

Remember to consider the specific requirements of your space and the factors outlined in our guide to ensure you select the most suitable model.

With the right electric boiler, you can enjoy a warm, comfortable home while minimizing your environmental impact and energy costs.

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