Nightstand Buying Guide

Welcome to our nightstand buying guide, where we journey into the essential world of bedside furniture.

A nightstand isn't merely a piece of decor; it's a crucial companion in your nightly rituals, a custodian of your personal belongings, and a beacon of convenience in the quiet of the night.

Whether you're in the process of revamping your bedroom sanctuary or setting up a new cozy corner, our guide aims to illuminate the path through the myriad of options out there.

With a focus on blending style with functionality, we're here to ensure you find the perfect nightstand that not only complements your space but elevates your entire bedroom experience.

Join us as we explore the nuances of design, functionality, and style, integrating our top 5 favorite picks that promise to inspire and delight.

Understanding Your Needs

Embarking on your nightstand adventure begins with a moment of introspection. Understanding precisely what you require from your nightstand can significantly narrow down the field of options, making your decision process smoother and more targeted. Consider the following:

  • What's on your bedside checklist? Are you looking to stash away novels, keep medications within reach, or have a reliable spot for your nighttime glass of water?
  • Are you a tech aficionado? The need for charging ports for your plethora of devices could be a deal-breaker.
  • How does your bedroom speak to you? Is it whispering the sleek lines of modernity or the warm embrace of rustic charm?
  • Space: The final frontier. The dimensions of your bedroom can greatly influence the size and shape of the nightstand you choose.

Taking the time to answer these questions will not only clarify your needs but also pave the way for a nightstand that addresses them all, becoming a true solution rather than just another furniture piece.

Features to Look For

In the quest for the perfect nightstand, certain features stand out as beacons of necessity and luxury. Here’s what to keep an eye out for:

1. Tech Integration: Charging Stations and More

The modern bedroom demands modern solutions, and nightstands have risen to the challenge. A nightstand equipped with USB ports and AC outlets serves as a power hub for your gadgets, keeping everything from smartphones to e-readers charged and ready for the day ahead.

2. Storage Solutions: A Place for Everything

The ideal nightstand marries form with function, offering just the right amount of storage. Whether you prefer drawers to hide away personal items or open shelves for easy access to your reading materials, the configuration of your nightstand's storage can significantly impact its utility.

3. Material Matters: Durability Meets Design

The choice of material not only influences the look and feel of your nightstand but also its longevity. Whether you’re drawn to the natural warmth of wood, the sleekness of metal, or the affordability of engineered options, each material brings its own flavor and durability to the mix.

4. Sizing Up: Finding the Perfect Fit

Proportion is key when selecting a nightstand. It should be a seamless extension of your bed, neither too tall nor too short, providing effortless access to all its top surface offers.

5. Style: Expressing Your Bedroom's Personality

From minimalist marvels to LED-lit wonders, the style of your nightstand should reflect the overall theme of your bedroom, adding to its character and charm.

Our Top 5 Picks

Diving into our curated selection, each of these nightstands has been chosen for its unique blend of features, design, and user satisfaction:
nightstand buying guide - Huuger Nightstand with Charging Station

Huuger Nightstand with Charging Station

Price: $39.99

Modern nightstand with built-in charging station featuring 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, 2 fabric drawers, and an open shelf. Ideal for bedroom convenience and organization.
This versatile nightstand combines functionality with style, offering a convenient charging station with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports for your electronic devices. It includes 2 spacious fabric drawers and an open shelf for additional storage, making it perfect for keeping your bedside essentials organized. Crafted with durable P2 particle board and a robust steel frame, it ensures long-lasting use in any room setting.
nightstand buying guide - AMHANCIBLE Night Stand Set 2

AMHANCIBLE Night Stand Set 2 With Charging Station

Price: $119.99

Set of 2 stylish nightstands with built-in charging stations, featuring 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, two fabric drawers, and a middle storage shelf. Perfect for small spaces and modern bedrooms.
This pair of nightstands is the epitome of functionality meets style, offering a convenient charging solution with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports to keep your devices powered. Each stand comes with two fabric drawers for discreet storage and a middle shelf to display or store everyday items. Designed with a unique X-shaped design and adjustable anti-slip feet for stability, these tables are easy to assemble and crafted to meet EPA TSCA Title VI and Carb Certification standards. Ideal for those seeking a chic, space-efficient, and practical bedroom addition.
nightstand buying guide - TARKARI LED nightstand with Charging Station

TARKARI LED nightstand with Charging Station

Price: $55.99

Modern LED nightstand featuring adjustable RGB lighting, a fast-charging station with 2 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, and ample storage with 2 fabric drawers and open compartments.
Elevate your bedroom or living room with this LED nightstand, offering customizable RGB lighting to match any mood or decor. Designed for convenience, it includes a fast-charging station with 2 AC outlets and 3 USB ports, ensuring all your devices stay powered. The nightstand provides generous storage space, including two open compartments for easy access and two fabric drawers for private items. Assembly is made easy with numbered parts, allowing for a quick setup in under 30 minutes. This stylish and functional piece is perfect for modern living spaces.
nightstand buying guide - SUPERJARE Nightstand with Charging Station

SUPERJARE Nightstand with Charging Station

Price: $39.99

Versatile nightstand with built-in charging station featuring 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlets, adjustable fabric drawer, and 3-tier storage. Ideal for bedroom and living room use.
This multifunctional nightstand offers the convenience of a charging station with 2 USB ports and 2 AC outlets right at your bedside, ensuring all your devices are fully charged by morning. The unique design allows the fabric drawer to be installed at two different heights, catering to your storage needs, alongside three additional storage shelves. Crafted with vintage wooden grain shelves, a sturdy metal frame, and a durable fabric drawer, it promises longevity and style. Easy to assemble with provided instructions and tools, it's a perfect addition to any room, enhancing both functionality and aesthetic appeal.
nightstand buying guide - SUPERJARE Nightstand with Charging Station and LED Light Strips

SUPERJARE Nightstand with Charging Station and LED Light Strips

Price: $74.99

Sleek black nightstand with RGB LED light strips, featuring a charging station with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, and 3 drawers for ample storage. Perfect for modern bedrooms.
Enhance your bedroom with this contemporary nightstand, showcasing 20 changeable RGB LED colors for a personalized ambiance, controlled by a wireless remote. Designed for convenience, it includes a charging station with 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports, ensuring all your devices are charged and ready to go. The nightstand offers generous storage with three easy-pull drawers and an open space for immediate access items. Constructed with durable P2 particleboard for long-lasting use, this piece is an ideal gift for anyone looking to upgrade their bedroom or living space with a touch of modernity and efficiency. Assembly is made simple with step-by-step instructions and all necessary tools provided.

Placement and Styling Tips

A nightstand's placement and how it's styled can significantly affect your bedroom's look and feel. Here are some tips to ensure your nightstand not only serves its purpose but also enhances your space:

  • Symmetry and Balance: For couples, two matching nightstands can create a harmonious and balanced look, framing your bed beautifully.
  • Functionality at Your Fingertips: Position your nightstand so that everything you need is easily accessible from your bed. This includes your lamp, which should be at a comfortable height for nighttime reading.
  • Personal Touches: Add personal items like photos, a vase of flowers, or a favorite book to make the space uniquely yours.

Maintenance and Care

To ensure your nightstand remains a cherished piece of your bedroom for years to come, regular maintenance is key.

Dust it regularly, use coasters to prevent water rings, and follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, especially for specific materials like wood and metal.


Selecting the perfect nightstand is a journey that blends personal taste with practical needs.

It's about finding that special piece that not only fits into your bedroom aesthetically but also enhances your nightly routine with its functionality.

Whether your heart is set on a high-tech nightstand with LED lighting and charging ports or a more traditional design that offers simplicity and elegance, there's a nightstand out there for you.

Remember, the best choice is one that reflects your personal style, meets your functional needs, and transforms your bedroom into a sanctuary of comfort and style.

Embark on your nightstand quest with confidence, knowing that the perfect bedside companion is waiting to make your bedroom complete. Happy hunting!

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